7 Tips To Be A More Creative Graphic Designer

Creativity is a skill that is learned, practiced, and developed like any other; the concept and idea of ​​creativity are undoubtedly much more demanding with those who live from it, such as graphic designers, writers, among others.

These must be able to respond to the levels of demand of their clients, but unfortunately, creativity does not appear whenever we need it, many times we look for that moment of inspiration and originality, but it does not come.

So that this does not happen, there are certain practices that can facilitate the task of becoming a creative designer, and here we bring you the 7 that we believe are most important:

Is the same

Help yourself from others, expose your ideas, and let others criticize them and add everything they think, even the wildest ideas in the right way are great ideas.

Ask for the opinion of several people when you work on something, either to know what you are doing wrong or even to realize the things that you are doing well and have not noticed, everything can be useful.

Share your knowledge

Talking with friends or colleagues, sharing experiences and ideas will lead you to discover new ideas, becoming familiar with other points of view and ways of working.

If you know something that someone else does not, help them by explaining what you know, share your techniques and strategies altruistically. Likewise, if you are invited to give a talk or interview, do so, share your experiences, and you will feel very good doing it.

Don’t forget to be orderly

Ordering your workplace is a way to organize your ideas; it also helps to organize the mind and give way to creativity; being comfortable with your workspace is a source of inspiration for those who live creating.

That is why we recommend: tidy up your workplace and also your computer; too many folders on the desktop can make you lose focus of your work, there may be people who work well with chaos, but in most cases, we need peace of mind that accompanies the order.

Get out of your comfort zone.

Has it happened to you that you are commissioned to design a logo, for example, and you notice that you do not leave a certain concept or achieve anything different? Surely; Getting out of your comfort zone is key in these situations; in fact, it is key in any situation.

Your workspace has to make you feel comfortable so that your mind is only focused on what you are doing at that moment and not on any external distraction; create a space where you can work comfortably and if it cannot be inside the house, go out to look for it!

Go for a ride

If none of these things work, it is best to get up from the chair and change your scene; in many cases doing sports is very helpful because it helps us to release tension and get us to order our thoughts.

We all have a point where we know that we are not going to give more of ourselves, so, if that point has already been reached, it is time to change! There are things that can be forced, but creativity is not one of them; it is better to wipe the slate clean than to keep stumbling over the same stone.

Don’t leave your pencil at home.

Something very important for every designer is: always carry a pencil and put any creative thoughts you have on paper, no matter how fleeting, since you never know when inspiration will return!


This is one of the funniest parts that this profession offers us, don’t be afraid to be different, visually explore new ideas and reinterpret existing styles, get your most artistic part out of you by giving free rein to your technique and unleash your most rebellious side to mix and try daring things, for this, it is very important not to be afraid!

Define What You Want To Achieve By Hiring A Graphic Designer

Not at all stages of your Internet marketing will you need to use a graphic designer.

f you are beginning to consider your strategy on the Internet, it is still early to ask yourself or even design anything.

The first thing is to define where you want to go, specific, measurable, and realistic objectives. You must start working behind the scenes.

No execution. Analysis, prospecting, and projection.

It will be useless to hire a graphic designer and not know how to give them clear and specific guidelines of what you want to do, what clients you are targeting, what your unique sales proposal is like.

Are you going to leave the decisions to him? Error.

Nobody knows your clients like you, so a graphic designer should always work under your orders and never the other way around.

It is very easy to delegate all decisions to your designer and then look the other way when there are no results. All the fault will have been yours.


What is seen of you on the Internet is only the tip of the iceberg. Behind, there must be a working system. Bases, foundations, and basic pillars of your marketing strategy.

Talk to colleagues in your industry so they can recommend one.

Do you have contacts who are developing their strategies on the Internet?

Talk to them. Ask them to recommend one.

Ask them about their experience. Do you have them as a freelancer or on staff?

How much does it cost them per year? What benefits does it bring them?

I believe in specialization, and when I meet a graphic designer who is an expert in a specific subject, for example, travel, it shows that a large part of their work is focused on that market.

They are excellent.


On the Internet, there is no competition but collaboration. Together we can grow our businesses.